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Integrated Cold Chain Solutions

Built on global standards, and backed by decades of experience in temperature-controlled logistics, we offer you a trustworthy solution for 100% reliability.

Cold chain trade is a complex world due to the sensitivity, limited life span, multitude of products, varieties, customized requirements, and long journeys across different climates and geographies. Trust is therefore paramount. 

At APM Terminals Inland Services, South Asia, we understand the complexities and granularities of these products as well as the farm-to-fork supply chain. Our state-of-the-art facilities and services are designed for maximum efficiency, security and reliability. They include blast freezers, chillers, cooling chambers, temperature-controlled dock area and ante room.

Integrated cold chain solutions portfolio

  • Multi-temperature, multi-commodity cold storage facilities
  • Domestic and Bonded cargo storage
  • Transportation (Domestic and Port) of temperature-controlled cargo from cold storage to sea ports, airports and last-mile delivery
  • Value-added-services like packaging, labelling, break bulk and blast freezing
  • Ease of customs inspection and clearance of cargo including on-wheel clearance
  • Reefer placement
  • Reefer pre-cooling
  • Cargo stuffing


Cold Chain Solutions
Ajesh Kurakkaran
Tel: +91 7824805228

Customised Solutions
Jinu Joseph: or 
Thomas Vaidyan: