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Our Terminal

Once operational in the third quarter of 2026, APM Terminals Suape will be Brazil's first fully electric general cargo and container terminal. A EUR 300 million investment will result in a state-of-the-art terminal that will lift the standard of responsibility and connectivity in the Northeast of Brazil,  increase capacity at the port by 55% and provide import and export customers with a cost-effective solution. Dredging of the access channel and turning basin is expected to be concluded by the Port of Suape in 2025.

The new Port Terminal will have the capacity to handle 400,000 TEUs and will focus on serving the local market and acting as a hub for cargo to and from the Northeast and North of Brazil.

Electric port equipment, cutting-edge technology and processes, such as remote control operations, scheduled access gates with a high level of automation, scanner, integrated weighing scales, warehouse and container maintenance services, will provide a complete, competitive, safe and environmentally friendly solution that will generate cost savings for local customers.

Strategic Location

  • The Suape Port Complex is well connected internationally and to the hinterland
  • Anticipated reduction in transportation costs and prices, will increase the competitiveness of exporters and reduce the cost of imported components (intermediate inputs) and consumer goods. 
  • Expanding industrial and producer market by increasing berth windows for shipping lines and allowing more services to connect to international markets.
  • Increased capacity has potential to making Suape a “hub” for the Northeast.


  • All internal equipment and vehicles will be electric
  • All electrical equipment support infrastructure will be based on best-practice within APM Terminals.
  • Berth will be equipped with infrastructure for power installations such as Shore Power.

Automation & Digitisation

  • Optical Character Recognition and Equipment Sensors will support real-time data sharing, and lift the standard of digital connectivity
  • Remote control electric Rubber Tyred Gantry cranes will lift the standard of efficiency and safety.
  • Gate will be fully automated and combined with a Truck Appointment System for the fastest and most efficient truck turn times.
  • System for real-time monitoring of all assets to avoid unplanned downtime and lift the standard of reliability. (Asset Digitization).
  • Private 5G LTE capability for secure, high-speed wireless communication to customers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Job Creation

  • During the construction phase, around 500 direct jobs and 2,000 indirect jobs will be created
  • In operation, the number now stands at around 350 direct jobs and approximately 1,400 indirect jobs.

Equipment & Facilities

✔ Total area: 495,000 m2
✔ ISPS bonded area: 238,000 m2

Marine Facilities

✔ Quay: 430 m / 26,000 m2
✔ Draft: 15.1 m
✔ Access channel: 16.2m
✔ Berth: 15.5m

 Yard & General Cargo 
✔ Static capacity: 12,000 TEUs 
✔ General Cargo: 30,000 m2
✔ Reefer plugs: 300
✔ Empty container Yard
✔ Container maintenance and washing area

Equipment – all electric
✔ STS Cranes: 2
✔ e-RTG’s: 7
✔ e-Terminal Tractors: 14
✔ e-Empty Handlings: 1
✔ e-Reach Stacker: 2
✔ Scanner (COANA compliant): 1

Automated Gate
✔ Lanes: 3 In - 2 Out
✔ Truck Appointment System
✔ Integrated Weighing