Fishermen Saved At MPS Terminal 3

Nine fishermen have been saved from a near disaster at Tema Port, Ghana, close to the breakwater of the new MPS Terminal 3. The fishermen were tossed into the water when a storm arose, causing 2-meter high waves to heavily pound their canoes.

The first group of three fishermen were fortunate to have been noticed by Captain Mr Tjebbe Tammes from the ship Multicat Odin, in Tema Port. The vessel belongs to a sub contactor of Meridian Port Services (MPS) at the Terminal 3 Project. The Captain noticed the three fishermen in distress being dragged by the waves towards the breakwater. He proceeded to alert his crew to lash their gear and prepare for rescue.

They immediately headed towards the entrance channel where they found out that six other fishermen (from 2 other canoes had capsized) struggling against the strong swell and high waves being pushed towards the breakwater where they could have lost their lives. The rescue efforts were successful, and the fishermen brought on board the vessel to recover as they had spent more than an hour in the waters. They were subsequently escorted out of the Port to receive medical attention.

The crew of the vessel have since been presented with a citation of honour for their heroic efforts that saved the lives of the fisher folk.

Mr. Mohamed Samara, CEO of MPS in a statement mentioned that MPS is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety especially where lives are concerned and how assuring it was to have partners who share the same values.

MPS Project Director, Mr. Mark Nolet presented the fishermen with safety gear and urged them to always keep them when embarking on their journeys to make a living.

“It may seem trivial to have life jackets with you as you count on your experience at sea, however, in scenarios like what occurred, had it taken longer to rescue you, you may have lost your lives which will translate into a huge loss to the Tema Township and the nation at large,” said Mr. Samara.

Commendation by Dutch Ambassador

190718-tema-news-2The Dutch Ambassador to Ghana, His Excellency Mr. Ron Strikker described the act as laudable and congratulated the crew. He introduced the Captain of the vessel as a Deputy Commander of the Royal National Sea Rescue Institution in Harlingen, in Friesland, a Northern Province of the Netherlands and he being high ranking officer who knows what to do to save lives at risk at sea. 

After a tour of the Terminal where he observed operations, Mr Strikker was elated at the high level of completed infrastructure and timely delivery of the terminal since his last visit in 2016 when it was still a construction ground.

“Coming from Netherlands where land reclamation is fairly common, I am delighted to see a port facility in Ghana made on reclaimed land, declaring that Ghana is indeed leading the way to bridge the gap between Africa and Europe in the socio-economic arena.”

Netherlands has the largest port in Europe, the Port of Rotterdam, and one of the most productive container terminals in the world. The country is recognized for a long history of land reclamation from the sea to build cities and other developments. 

Mayor of Tema

The Mayor of Tema, Hon. Felix Anang-La who witnessed the ceremony to appreciate the crew thanked them for saving the lives of the indigenes of the Metropolis. 

“MPS is an excellent example of a socially responsible company, one that has the development of the community at heart.  From the port infrastructure, to roads and many initiatives that improve the standard of living for the inhabitants of Tema. Indeed this city is fortunate to have MPS established here.”  He added.

He also pledged better education for the local seafarers on the need to take cognisance of the risks of life at sea.  


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