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Hazardous Cargo Documentation

Lifting the Standard of Efficiency

One secure place to securely store, search and track your hazardous cargo documentation. This is exactly what HazDV (Hazardous Documentation Vault) provides. And we'll continue to add new features to this global platform, to help make your life easier. HazDV is currently available for our terminals in Mobile, Miami and Port Elizabeth.

We’ve made a number of improvements with this new global platform to help minimise your time and effort. For example, we've reduced the number of steps required to accomplish a task and added auto-completion of information wherever possible. We've also added drop down fields to reduce the chance of errors, and use standard IMDG terminology for added clarity.

Why is Hazardous Cargo Documentation required?

We use this information for our HSSE teams to prepare for emergencies, ensure compliance with local regulations (e.g. Certain categories that can only remain in the terminal for a limited period), yard planning/segregation, and cross checking details in our Terminal Operating System or Export Arrival Lists.

How does the Vault work?

The video below will give you an idea of how the system works. It’s designed and tested to be as intuitive as possible, guiding you through the process step-by-step.