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About - Germany IS


Our main objective is “0 fatalities”, which implies team work every single day, trying to reach a safe working quality standard, focusing on occupational security. 

Almost all of our services are carried in the depot, therefore our employees are at risk from machinery and tools. We therefore operate a process of continuous improvement.

In 2018, we installed 648 solar panels capable of producing 228.6 MWh per year. This is enough to meet more than 80% of the facilities entire annual consumption. This helped reduce our CO2 emissions by almost 50 tonnes per year. To put this in perspective, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency it would take around 1,300 seedling trees 10 years to absorb this amount of CO2.


  • Standard Operating Procedures to minimize risk at all levels 
  • Fire department Certification
  • Creation of a HSSE Committee. Monthly meetings. Our Security Officer also participates in our HSSE Committee meetings
  • Monthly HSSE Assessments
  • Personal Commitment to HSSE has been signed by all employees
  • First AID and Fire brigade has been formed
  • Sound Lost Time Accident Frequency reporting
  • Empty handler’s training to improve safety and productivity
  • HSSE instructions around the depot for better circulation and precaution (this includes pedestrian crossings between different areas)


  • Recycling of paper, carton, plastic and organic waste
  • Recycling of batteries
  • Bio-friendly detergents for container washing
  • Ongoing tree planting project
  • Recycling of oils and thinner to be re-used as cleansers and lubricants
  • Correct Fuel Disposal