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Our Facility

APM Terminals Uruguay, also known as Montevideo Port Services (MPS) started operation in 2002, in a leased depot within the Port of Montevideo. By the end of 2002, it became apparent that significant expansion was required to meet demand and a purpose-built inland depot was established in 2003 just 10km from the Port of Montevideo. 

Today the company has become the largest equipment maintenance and repair provider in the country, and one of the most competitive, providing employment for hundreds of personnel directly or indirectly.

We also take sustainability seriously, and produce more than 90% of our electricity from 648 solar panels on the roofs of our building.

At a glance

  • 36,000 m2 of surface, 20,600 m2 paved and 15,400 m2 with compacted ballast
  • Storage for 4200 TEUs
  • 2 Kalmar Empty Handlers with a capacity to stack up to 5 containers height
  • 1 Kalmar Empty Handler with a capacity to stack up to 7 containers height
  • Warehousing, maintenance and repairs software (Container Storage, Tracking & Repair)
  • EDI and Flat File interface for daily movement of containers and repair estimates
  • 2 PTI stations with a capacity of 40 sockets each
  • Area for 116 simultaneous washings
  • 3 cold water, high-pressure washers and 1 cold/hot water pressure washer
  • Permanent stock of spare-parts, both of refrigeration units (Carrier, Daikin, Thermo King, Star Cool) as well as structural components
  • Metal sheet bending machine and Guillotine for the manufacture of structural spare-parts
  • Grid blasting machine for the preparation of the surface of the manufactured spare-parts
  • Repairs shed of 1,250 m2
  • BOM Riveter for the repair and change of the reefers units
  • 2 Polyurethane injection machines, Gusmmer 2000 and Graco Reactor H40