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Off-dock Container Maintenance and Repairs

We  provide off-dock maintenance and repairs for containers and dry containers, as well as GenSets and Power Packs. We also carry out PTIs (Pre-Trip Inspection) and repairs for all brands.

We are well known in the region for our high capacity and quality related to the structural repairs of containers. We only use highly-qualified personnel and have built up solid experience in this field. We offer monitoring of full containers in the port as well as at our depot. Carrying a wide stock of reefers spare-parts allows us to operate effectively and quickly 24/7, 365 days a year.

Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) of Reefers, Gensets and Powerpacks, and Containers

Temperature is a key factor for refrigerated transport; there we carry our PTIs to the highest quality standards.  The inspection is not only limited to an exhaustive control of the refrigeration unit, but also the container’s structure and interior cleaning.

With two stations we can carry out up to 80 PTIs per day, while performing any preventive or corrective maintenance. 

Maintenance and Repair of Reefer and Dry Containers, Gensets and Power Packs

We are one of the main containers repair centres in South America. Our highly-trained and motivated staff are our biggest differentiator. They work in 3 shifts - 24 hours a day, allowing us to comply with all the requirements of Equipment Maintenance and Repair (EMR) required by our clients.

Our continuous training ensures that personnel understand the different international repair criteria and are able to use the latest technologies used in refrigeration units. We also perform minor repairs to loaded containers in the port.

Off-site maintenance & repairs at client’s facilities

We offer off-site service at our client’s premises, including assistance with the shipment of Super Freezer containers, Controlled Atmosphere and shipments with Cold Treatment.

Supply of Reefers Spare-Parts

We hold a wide stock of spare-parts for the main manufacturers of refrigeration units for containers, such as Carrier Transicold, Thermo King, Daikin and Star Cool. We supply spare-parts requested for repairs and maintenance, as well as for containers on board of vessels.

Sale of Spare-Parts for Structural Repairs of Reefer and Dry Containers

We manufacture all kinds of structural spare-parts for Reefer and Dry containers. We carry out surface treatments according to the internationally recognized Swedish Standard (SA) 2½ sand blasting standard. We hold a wide range of parts.

Reconditioning of Containers for Food: Foodgrade

We have a dedicated 500 square meters area for reconditioning containers for the transport of food. Out ream works with specialised equipment that allows us to comply with the most demanding requirement of clients working in our country.

We have the capacity to perform an average of 15 Foodgrades a day, with the possibility double this if necessary to meet client’s needs.