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Rail/Shipping Line Services

Overview of services and rotations calling at the Vado Port Complex, northern Italy. An off-dock rail facility provides rapid access to central and northern Europe such as Switzerland, Germany and France, as well as regions in Northern Italy, such as Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna. The facility has the capacity for 14 trains per day.

Scheduled Rail Services

  • Pioltello, Milano -  4 times per  week
  • Rubiera, Modena - 4 times per  week
  • Padova - 2 times per  week
  • Piacenza - 2 times per  week
  • Verona Porta Nuova - 2 times per week

Container Terminal

L82 (Maersk) - Weekly Service
Rotation: Suez Canal Container Terminal, Port Said (Egypt) - Vado Ligure (Italy) - Suez Canal Container Terminal, Port Said (Egypt).

EMA (ONE, COSCO, OOCL): Connecting Eastern Mediterranean with East Coast USA
Rotation: Iskenderun (Turkey) – Aliaga (Turkey) – Istanbul (Turkey) – Piraeus (Greece) – Vado Lagure (Italy) –  La Spezia  (Italy) – (Algeciras (Spain) – New York (USA) – Norfolk (USA) – Savannah (USA) – Algeciras (Spain) – Iskenderun (Turkey). View map & timetable (pdf)

ME2 (Maersk): Connecting the Mediterranean with the Middle East and India
Rotation: Jebel Ali (UAE) – Mundra (India) – Jawaharlal Nehru (India) – Salalah (Oman) – Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) – Port Said East (Egypt) – Port Tangier (Morocco) – Algeciras (Spain) – Valencia (Spain) – Vado  Ligure (Italy) View map & timetable (westbound)View map & timetable (eastbound)

PNX (Diamond Line), butterfly loop: 
Piraeus (Greece) – Naples (Italy) – Vado Ligure (Italy) – La Spezia (Italy) – Piraeus (Greece) - Izmir (Turkey) – Gemlik (Turkey) – Safi (Turkey)

L75 (Maersk/Sealand)
Rotation: Vado Ligure (Italy) – La Spezia (Italy) – Fos sur mer (France) – Barcelona (Spain) – Algeciras (Spain) – Tangier (Morocco) – Barcelona (Spain) – Vado Ligure (Italy). View map & timetable...

Reefer Terminal

CAM (Cosiarma): Connecting the Mediterranean with Latin America
Rotation: Vado Ligure (Italy) – Tarragona (Spain) – Rio Haina (Dominican Rep) – Turbo (Colombia) – Moin (Costa Rica) – e Setubal (Portugal). View timetable...

AEL (Africa Express Line): Connecting the Mediterranean with West Africa 
Rotation: Vado Ligure (Italy) – Agadir (Morocco) – Dakar (Senegal) – Tema (Ghana) – Abidjan (Ivory Coast) – Port Vendres (France) – Vado Ligure (Italy). View timetable & map...

Rotation: Vado Ligure (Italy) – Civitavecchia (Italy) – Salerno (Italy) – Naples (Italy) – Algeciras (Spain) – Tangier (Morocco) – Vado Ligure (Italy). View timetable & map...

EMS/LSH (ARKAS/SEALAND): Intra-Med service
Rotation: Algeciras (Spain) – Alexandria (Egypt) – Mersin (Turkey) – Haifa (Isreal) – Vado Ligure (Italy) – Fos sur Mer (France) – Barcelona (Spain) – Valencia (Spain) – Casablanca (Morocco) – Algeciras (Spain)