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VGM - Vado

Other Services

Please email for further details and pricing or our value added services. Detailed procedures relating to these services can be found in chapter 7 of our Operations Manual or contact

  • Inspecting Empty Container
  • X-ray scanning
  • Reefer monitoring
  • Pre-trip Inspections (PTI) 
  • Fruit handling services (authorized site to handle biological fruit, bar coding and traceability for perishable, quality control for perishable)
  • Pre-clearing
  • Container maintenance and repair of Dry & Reefer (engine)
  • Empty container storage 
  • Storage of hazardous container in dedicated areas / 318 slots
  • Stuffing/Stripping of dry containers
  • Stuffing/Stripping reefer container in temperature controlled warehouse
  • Labelling
  • Flat rack lashing/unlashing
  • Stuffing, lashing, handling and special cargo road transportation
  • Project cargo
  • Cargo inspections
  • Tank Heating
  • Rail connection (4 lanes, max 460m length on terminal premises)