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Dedicated Fast Corridor

Dedicated Fast Corridor’s allow import containers to pass through the terminal directly to the customers own facilities, with no delays due to T1 customs transit documents or customs inspections at the Terminal.

Reducing idle time and speeding up the transfer of goods towards the final destination, is good for the environment, saves time, improves efficiency and ultimately benefits the end customer. Fast Corridors offer a number of benefits for the Terminal and the Customer, including:

  • No customs formalities at the Port: The Customer guarantees the fiscal credit to the Customs Agency and is responsible for the goods.
  • Zero customs inspections at the Port: Inspections are carried out at the customers facilities.
  • Faster supply-chain: Due to continuous data flow between the different subjects involved in the logistics cycle, a single customs window and integrated customs processes. 
  • Reduction of port congestion: Reduction of idle time at entry port, turning into savings on container storage costs for the end customer.
  • Improved safety: Continuous monitoring of cargo movements along the Fast Corridor route.

To qualify for a Fast Corridor the customer must be Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certified. Containerized goods unloaded in the Vado Ligure terminal then travel on vehicles/rail wagons equipped with satellite devices monitored by the Customs Authority. Fast Corridors were made possible by a new directive issued by the Italian Customs Agency in 2019.

The request to open a Fast Corridor from Vado Ligure can be made by any AEO certified Vado Gateway customer by contacting the Customs and Monopolies Agency. After confirming that requirements are met, they will issue the relative authorization.