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Fruit Handling

  • Dedicated space and facilities are available with the terminal for stuffing and stripping of dry/reefer and special units.
  • Strong fruit handling capabilities - capacity to strip up to 100 containers per day
  • Efficient flow ensured via 16 loading platforms for reefer perishable stuffing on trucks
  • Largest in-port reefer warehouse capacity in the Mediterranean, totalling 600,000 pallets per year
  • 13 cold storage areas offering a temperature range of between -0.5 and 14.5 degrees Celsius
  • Sanitary USMAF inspection
  • Phytos and PIF-veterinary inspection (area inside the terminal)
  • FITO Inspection
  • X-ray scanning (Radiometric Inspection)
  • Authorized site to handle biological fruit, bar coding and traceability for perishable, quality control for perishable