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Multipurpose Terminal

APM Terminal Valencias' Multipurpose Terminal in the Port of Valencia was established on 1 May 1999. It was created through the merger of three small stevedoring companies and is located at the Levante Pier, in the Port of Valencia (Spain). It was acquired by APM Terminals (75%) in 2016. Our core activities are maritime and yard operations, together with machinery maintenance and repair. This includes stowage and intermodal loading and discharge of cargo (vessels, trucks and rail).

APM Terminals Valencia is the best supply chain option for ceramic cargo / automotive components and others industries due to its excellent highway connectivity and warehouses located near to Valencia. In Valencia we offer an export cost saving advantage to stuff reefers and dry cargo, compared to Alicante of €300. For imports, a daily connection between Madrid, Valencia and the terminal, as well as covering the regional hinterland in the middle of the Mediterranean coast, saves at least 3 days and up to € 150 for landside customers in LCL + delivery  service.


The Valencia region links North Africa and Europe and provides a key link with Latin America. The region is connected by road and rail to the rest of Spain and Europe. 

  • Minimum deviation time from main East-West inter-oceanic routes.
  • Hub port for the Western Mediterranean & the West Coast of Africa.
  • In the middle of the Spanish Mediterranean, it provides an important gateway to the hinterland, including the Central (Madrid area) and Eastern mainland. 
  • Easy and fast vessel access from pilot station to berthing position.


APM Terminals Valencia uses the latest Information Systems to manage its operations and to guarantee the best possible service to its customers. The terminal operates automated gates with a 30 minute Truck Turn Time. Radio data terminals are used to ensure that customers receive real-time update. In addition, the location of equipment within the terminal is controlled by means of an automated Global Positioning System (GPS). Data transmission capabilities are provided by EDI and a customer facing website   for real time cargo and vessel tracking.

Authorised Economic Operator Status

APM Terminals Valencia received the internationally recognized security status, Authorized Economic Operator for customs simplification (AEOC) from the EU in 2020. AEO Status recognises the terminal as a safe and reliable business partner that operates in close collaboration with customs authorities and other government authorities, and provides a number of benefits for customers, such as simplified customs procedures, fewer physical and document-based controls, and priority treatment if selected for control. AEO status also means that the controls the terminals has in place reduce theft and losses, results in fewer delayed shipments; improved planning; improved customer service and lower inspection costs of suppliers.

In 2016, the terminals rail terminal was  the first in Spain to achieve Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status from the World Customs Organisation. 

Internationally recognised standards

APM Terminals Valencia complies with all security requirements stated in the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS). In 2022, SGS Auditors verified APM Terminals Spanish Gateways as a multisite organisation to grant the Quality, Environment, Safety, Health, Security and Energy Management certifications according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards for its container terminals in Valencia, Barcelona, Castellón and Gijón. Download certificates (pdf)


Equipment & Facilities

✔ Annual Capacity: 1,340,00 TEU
✔ Berth Length: 1,660
✔ Area: 45 Ha
✔ LOA: 400m
✔ Depth: 17m
✔ Gate Langes: 5 in/ 4 out
✔ Reefer connections:750
✔ On-dock rail: 750m (2 tracks)
✔ Trains/day: 4-5
✔ Cranes:12 (2 MMX; 4 SPP; 5 PP; 1 PX)
✔ Max Outreach: 24 container rows