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Spanish Gateways safety awareness project shortlisted for APM Terminals' Global Safety Awards

APM Terminals Valencia, Barcelona, Castellón and Gijón involve customers and family members in the celebration of Global Safety Day, with the theme ‘We learn and adapt’

An out-of-the-box safety awareness project by APM Terminals Spanish Gateways has been shortlisted as a finalist in Maersk's Global Safety Awards. ’Not on my watch!’ is a winning initiative which encourages employees at the company’s terminals in Valencia, Barcelona, Castellón and Gijón to share video actions to avoid risks detected while at work.

The awards ceremony coincided with Global Safety Day, this year held under the slogan We learn and adapt, focusing on road traffic and involving customers, employees and their families. They all participated together in visits to the terminals to learn about the safety systems implemented in the machinery, in driving and road awareness workshops.

The day also served to present HSSE Visitor, a mobile phone application for access management at APM Terminals Spanish Gateways facilities. Visitors can carry out a safety induction using the App, raising awareness of the risks, the personal protective equipment they must wear and how to act in the event of an emergency.

"It is very important for us that our families are here today, because they are the ones who must force us to adopt safety measures in order to go home safe and sound every day. Every idea is welcome, and if they are useful, we will not hesitate to implement them", stated Carlos Arias, APM Terminals Spanish Gateways Managing Director during the safety reflection session at the Valencia terminal, also with Katja Otten, Chief Financial Officer, and Birna Osk, Chief Commercial Officer of APM Terminals.