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Gate Reception and Delivery of Empty equipment is operating  normally. We kindly ask you continue prioritizing delivery of import and 20´empty containers to allow us return to the usual volumes. Thanks for your collaboration. To receive further operational updates by email or SMS, please subscribe to Terminal Alerts.
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Weighing Procedure

Trucks with weighing instructions will not be allowed to leave the Terminal if the weighing cycle is not completed (loaded weight and empty weight to obtain the tare).

  • If the truck is not weighed in during gate in, it will have to return to load the container again and complete the weighing cycle (weigh loaded truck on the scales, unload the container in the stack area, and weighed empty to obtain the tare before leaving the terminal)
  • If the truck does not weigh the empty to obtain the tare after going to the stack area, it will have to go back to the scales to complete the weighing cycle.