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Yokohama Berths

APM Terminals Japan

With Mount Fuji in the distance, APM Terminals Japan is the closest terminal to the entrance of Tokyo Bay. It has the geographical advantage of being the last port of call on Eastern shipping routes and the first port of call on Western shipping routes on the Asian side of the Pacific route. It is also Japan’s largest and most advanced container terminal. Read more…

Live Terminal Cameras

Camera feeds update every 5 minutes. Please refresh your browser for the latest status.

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Sat 30 September 2023

terminal camera terminal camera terminal camera

News & Operational Updates

Gate opening hours during holiday season

Gate opening hours during holiday season

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Drop & Pick Service Desk closed from Dec 30 to Jan 4

Drop and Pick service for purchasing and printing at the APM Terminals Japan office building will be closed from Dec 30 to Jan 4. Only purchasing will continue to be available during this period.

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