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Documentation Services

Service Notes Ordering
Report issued at the request of the customer e.g. Line inventory, reserved container list,  etc  Online Additional Service Request
Certificate issued at the request of the customer e.g. Missing seal, cargo, damage etc.  Online Additional Service Request
Data Amendment    Online Additional Service Request
Change Freight Kind - FCL From/To LCL LCL (Less than Container Load). FCL (Full Container Load)  Online Additional Service Request
Terminal Departure Report (TDR) Confirm acceptance or comment on the TDR used to capture all operating activities/services on container vessels.  Online Terminal Departure Report
Empty Recap (Outbound) Submit an empty recap for outbound vessels and nominate specific containers for loading if required as part of the Empty Recap.  Online Empty Recap
Initial/Final Vessel Load List (Inbound/Outbound) View a loadlist for inbound/outbound vessels for initial and final confirmation.  Online Vessel Load List