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Measures taken by terminal to limit impact of Suez Canal incident

Dear customers,
Regarding the current situation we are all facing after the incident in Suez Canal with Ever Given vessel, there is a high risk that the terminals can be congested until the Suez Canal is operational again. We also have to take into consideration both the inaccurate reliability of the vessel calls in our facilities and the with Suez Canal situation that make APM Terminals Spanish Gateway take some actions to ensure the good quality of the service for all our customers.
The actions that we need to take in place from 30th of March are:

  • One open call per service. The second call will be opened once the operations of the first vessel are finished
  • Evacuation plan of Transhipment and Empties already in our yard. 
  • For future calls we need accurate information for transhipments and empties (vessel of connection and port of discharge)
  • Gate in empties for export, accepted only when an evacuation plan (ISO type included)  has been previously reported, including quantities, vessel and POD. 
  • Evacuation of import cargo in order to create new space for the new volume coming.
  • Reefer cargo:
  • Export: they won’t be able to gate in before 72 hours previous vessel arrival
  • Import: they will have to be evacuated within 48 hours after their discharge

APM Terminals Spanish Gateway is able to confirm the possibility to potentially offer an additional space out of our facilities with the aim to assist and help to the Lines (both for Barcelona and Valencia). The rates for this  additional storage space would be the current ones agreed as per contract, but with no free time.
We really hope that with these measures our customers ensure their operations in our facilities and keeping the business running minimizing the impact of this incident in Suez Canal.
If you have further doubts or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact with Sandra Esteban, Commercial Manager APM Terminals Spanish Gateways through
Best regards, 
APM Terminals Spanish Gateways