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Port stay reduction at Moin

Record reduction in port stay and gate turn times at APM Terminals Moín

APM Terminals Moín has achieved an impressive 29.8% reduction in vessel port stay, one and a half years ahead of schedule. At the same time the terminal has reduced average truck turn times to an industry-beating 22 minutes. Together, this has improved trade competitiveness for Costa Rica, is Lifting the Standard of efficiency for customers, and reducing CO2 emissions significantly. 

Mehdi Ben Mouloud, COO & Deputy MD of APM Terminals Moín responded to the news with delight. “This achievement is down to our exceptional Moín team who have brought their full enthusiasm and professionalism to the task of becoming an unbeatable, world-class facility for our customers.”

More than one year ahead of schedule

Early 2022, APM Terminals Moín embarked on a three-year journey to achieve a 30% reduction in port hours compared to a 2021 baseline. Working in collaboration with customers, authorities, and the entire port ecosystem this has now been achieved. 

This collaboration was supported by the deployment of Lean principles to analyze and enhance "Farm to Ship" supply chain journeys, resulting in customised solutions aligned with market demands. 

Multiple vessel idle time Kaizen (continuous improvement) events were carried out to map processes and identify efficiencies and best practises. Together these improvements have shortened vessel idle times from an average 160 minutes to just 70 minutes.

Improved yard efficiency through unique gate ‘berth plan’

A unique gate ‘berth plan’ initiative has resulted in the allocation of fast gate lanes to specific customers for empty pick-ups. Specific time slots are allocated in alignment with a particular shipping line vessel call. This has helped the terminal to dramatically reduce the number of empty units idling in the yard, overall yard density and increase yard efficiency. 

Technology driven

The implementation of advanced technology-driven optimization of equipment availability and deployment has delivered 25% higher productivity and 20% lower man hours per move. Contributing to this are the implementation of asset digitisation, remote equipment health monitoring, a new workforce management system, equipment automation and OCR (Optical character recognition) supported by APM Terminals’ globally standardised advanced terminal operating system.

The additional capacity created at APM Terminals Moín has already attracted two new liner services and enabled the expansion of value-added solutions. The terminal has experienced record-high volumes and is prepared for further growth.

Says Mehdi: “We will continue to serve our customers, our community and the country even more effectively while fostering robust partnerships that extend far beyond the boundaries of our terminal.”