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Capacity increase to meet rising customer demands

The global pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine put pressure on supply chain and many businesses are suffering from logistic constraints. APM Terminals Aarhus is now upgrading its handling capacity with new equipment fleet, increased yard capacity and flexible solutions to meet new demands and to prepare for future growth.

Six new straddle carriers

As the largest container terminal in Denmark, APM Terminals Aarhus continues to invest in our ability to support our customer’s businesses and increase our capacity and efficiency to cater for continued growth. The recent delivery of six new straddle carriers fortifies that trend, with the terminal now in possession of 36 straddle carriers in total.

“We have seen continuous volume growth over the past years at our terminal and we want to continue to be ready to meet future customer demands”, shares Helle Almind, Commercial Manager at APM Terminals Aarhus. “Our investment programme goes beyond just equipment upgrade, as we have also invested in our operating model, people development and improving our IT-backbone.”

Reefer rack expansion to meet record volumesDespite disruptions in global supply chain, volumes at APM Terminals Aarhus grew by +20 % in 2021 compared to the year before. To ensure APM Terminals Aarhus can continue to offer the service and flexibility that customers are looking for, we are expanding the already large range of reefer plugs. The latest addition increased capacity by 360 plugs, bringing the total capacity at the terminal to 1,548 reefer plugs.

“The additional reefer capacity will allow us to handle additional reefer cargo,” says Helle Almind, Commercial Manager at APM Terminals Aarhus. “The reefer racks are strategically located in the yard and therefore we also expect an improvement in operational efficiency, which will benefit both landside and shipping line customers.”

Expanded yard capacity

Volume increase and disrupted supply chains expands the demand of yard capacity. APM Terminals Aarhus is now taking extensive measures to enhance yard space, optimize yard utilization and improve flows through the terminal, all in close collaboration with our customers.

“We see that customer needs and demands have changed and we work intensively to adapt and transform to meet the conditions that we expect to continue in a post-pandemic world,” concludes Dennis Lenthe Olesen, Managing Director at APM Terminals Nordic.