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Preparing for the future with new operating system (N4)

As of March 19th, APM Terminals Aarhus started operating with NAVIS 4 (N4) as Terminal Operating System in all its operations. This new and modern system will optimize management of container handling in our terminal, as well as standardization of the data transmission system.

“Navis is the global standard for terminal operating systems and implementation of N4 is necessary to improve our efficiency and productivity, with the aim of continued growth and commitment to support our customers businesses in the best possible way”, Dennis Lenthe Olesen, Managing Director at APM Terminals Nordic, comments.

“With N4, we are also ready to take advantage of new digital solutions that allow us to interact with our customers seamlessly and help our customers to gain better insight in their supply chain via APIs”, Olesen continues.

Terminal update

Operation is running in all flows with full capacity, although, the system implementation came with more integration challenges than anticipated.

"Implementation of a new terminal operating system is not an easy process and we have faced challenges regarding migration and exchange of data, which have affected the customer experience. Truck turn times were high right after Go live, but thanks to the hard and focused work of our employees and partners, who are all in the process of learning new ways of working, we are almost back to normal levels”, Olesen shares.

APM Terminals Aarhus works intensively together with our partners to make the implementation as smooth as possible and any issues are addressed without delay. We keep in close contact with our customers during the period.

We appreciate your patience and collaboration. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding the implementation of the N4 system.