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APM Terminals API - Data Transfer

Get a Better Overview and Control of Your Supply Chain Using API Data Feeds

In a rapidly changing world, where the unexpected is becoming the norm, there is no doubt that real-time data via API (application programming interface) is a necessity for supply chain logistics. APM Terminals has introduced API accessibility to build stronger, digital supply chains for our logistics customers.

What are APIs and how do they work?

API is a computer interface that makes it possible to transfer information between different computer programs and databases in just seconds. APIs exist everywhere in our daily lives – from ordering goods online to weather apps.

In the same way, APIs enable APM Terminals’ customers to pull real-time container and vessel data from our terminal operating system (N4), directly into their own internal logistics or transport management systems.

Adoption of APIs in the logistics industry has historically been low. However, since APM Terminals launched its range of APIs for more than 20 terminals worldwide, customers are increasingly seeing the benefits APIs can offer their businesses.

How can APIs help your business?

The APIs will enable our customers to gain a better overview and control of their supply chain, to monitor deviations and proactively act on them. Directly accessing real-time data about your container or vessel schedules, improves supply chain efficiency and removes the risks of human error and potential delays caused by this.

This makes it the ideal solution for shipping lines, inland transporters, cargo owners and managers who wants to increase visibility and make decisions based on the best available data.

APIs are available for customers at APM Terminals Aarhus soon

We are happy to announce that APIs will be available for customers at APM Terminals Aarhus before end of 2023. Initially, we will offer data from our "Track and Trace service" where you as a customer can track updates on your cargo’s latest status. This includes import availability at container level, including container data and estimated arrival and discharge from the vessel – information that you will be able to access automatically into your own transport management system.

Stay tuned for more information about the APIs you can benefit from. In the meantime, please visit for further information or contact our Customer Care Manager Mikael Riis,

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