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Tailored Breakbulk Solutions for Your High and Heavy Cargo

Do you have cargo that exceeds the standard container limitations? Rest assured, our dedicated team of specially trained operators is fully equipped to assist you, regardless of the size or nature of your cargo.

"An increasing number of customers are discovering the potential to transport large and heavy breakbulk cargo using container ships, allowing them to leverage our extensive liner network," explains Helle Almind, Commercial Manager at APM Terminals Aarhus.

Breakbulk cargo refers to items that are too large or heavy to fit into standard containers. Instead, this cargo is transported using bags, boxes, crates, drums, barrels or simply loaded onto ships as is. The primary challenge in handling breakbulk cargo lies in the additional resources, specialized equipment, and trained personnel it demands.

"At APM Terminals Aarhus, each breakbulk and out-of-gauge cargo shipment is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with customized solutions tailored to meet our customer’s unique requirements. Our highly experienced and skilled breakbulk team has successfully handled a wide range of cargo types. Earlier this year, we efficiently managed the loading and unloading of American military equipment and vehicles destined for Eastern Europe," concludes Helle Almind.

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