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Optical Character Recognition lifts standards of safety and efficiency at APM Terminals Aarhus

APM Terminals Aarhus has implemented Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on its ship-to-shore cranes and will begin testing for vessel operations in May. This cutting-edge technology promises significant benefits to customers, including improved safety, enhanced data quality, and improved claims handling. 

OCR cameras serve as "digital eyes" during vessel operations, providing high-resolution images, real-time data processing, and integration with the company's terminal operating system. Multiple cameras have been installed on the cranes and will automatically capture and verify container data and record any container damage during both loading and discharging of containers. Automated reading of container IDs within a few seconds also provides increased visibility for container tracking and management.

Improving throughput capacity

OCR automation will improve throughput capacity and deliver a more stable operation. Automation and OCR will safeguard a more lean and effective process of exceptions handling by identifying and addressing data discrepancies or anomalies during container recognition. When the system detects unclear or incomplete data, it either auto-corrects based on predefined rules or flags the issue for manual review. This process ensures continuous operation and high data accuracy.

Most importantly, OCR it will increase safety as it enables improved man and machine segregation. By accurately identifying containers, it prevents misplacements and collisions. For example, advanced OCR systems can reduce manual checks by up to 90%, significantly lowering the risk of accidents and improving overall safety.

“We constantly strive to offer the most efficient operation possible. When all information is handled automatically by a system, our customers will benefit from more accurate execution of both loading and discharging containers, as the possibility of human error is minimised”, says Helle Almind, Commercial Manager at APM Terminals Aarhus.