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Streamline your supply chain with our on-site inland services

Managing supply chain complexities can be daunting when delays and disruptions lurk around every corner. But amidst these challenges, one thing you shouldn't have to worry about is your inland services. That’s why APM Terminals Aarhus is dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of services, including repairs, PTI, and container cleaning, all within the terminal area.

"Our highly trained staff provides everything from specialized refrigerated container capability to conventional container maintenance and repair”, explains Mikael Riis, Customer Care Manager at APM Terminals Nordic. He adds, “Offering these services at the terminal area is unique, even on a global level. Our customers especially value the time efficiency, cost savings and the convenience of a one-stop solution”.

Experience unmatched convenience

By consolidating multiple services within the terminal area, APM Terminals Aarhus provides you with several key benefits.

Time efficiency: With time often of the essence, our streamlined approach ensures shorter transit times.

Cost savings and reduced emissions: On-site services eliminate the need for additional transport to off-site facilities, resulting in lower transportation and handling costs, as well as reduced emissions.

Simplified logistics: Coordinating logistics can be complex, especially when dealing with multiple service providers. Our in-house services simplify your logistics, making your operations smoother and more efficient.