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Rail Connectivity

With 3 x 400m on-dock rail tracks, APM Terminals Aarhus operates a dedicated fast rail service between Aarhus and the Taulov rail terminal. The service, which has a 3-hour transit time offers 4-6 weekly departures, with plans and capacity to increase this in line with growing demand.

Rapid access to key Danish markets

The Taulov rail terminal, to the south west of Aarhus, is ideally located close to main customer and distribution centers in the Fredericia area and operates with opening hours between hrs 06.00 and 20.00 hours, Monday to Friday supporting customers business needs.

From Taulov there are further connections the Høje Tåstrup terminal in the capital, Copenhagen. This is well located close to main customer and distribution centers and supports the reduction of truck traffic on Copenhagen streets and Danish highways. There is also a connect to Aalborg on weekly basis.

Environmental Benefits

Plans to electrify the line are expected to be completed in 2026. According to rail provider DB Cargo, rail transport emits eight times less CO2 than road transport – and the use of just one electric locomotive removes 35 lorries from the roads, which means 12.7 times lower emissions. This is good for the environment and it frees up space on the roads.

Cost Effective

In addition to being better for the environment, according to figure provided by DB Cargo, rail can be up to twice as cost effective compared to trucks, when all the cost of all external factors are considered (Such as accidents, noise, impact on nature and landscape, climate and air pollutants).


From Aarhus
 Booking deadline  Delivery deadline   Departure  Pick up Taulov
 Pick up Høje Taastrup
 12:00  14:00   Monday  Tuesday  06:00   Wednesday  06:00 
 12:00  14:00   Wednesday  Thursday  06:00  Friday  06:00
 12:00  14:00   Thursday  Friday  06:00  Monday  06:00
 12:00  14:00   Friday  Monday  06:00  Monday  06:00


From Taulov to Aarhus
 Booking deadline  Delivery deadline   Departure  Pick up Aarhus
 19:00 * (Friday)  20:00 * (Friday)   Monday  Monday  13:00 
 19:00 * (Monday)  20:00 * (Monday)  Tuesday  Tuesday  13:00 
 19:00 * (Wednesday)  20:00 * (Wednesday)  Thursday  Thursday  13:00 
 19:00 * (Thursday)  20:00 * (Thursday)  Friday  Friday  13:00 

* The day before


From Høje Taastrup
 Booking deadline  Delivery deadline   Departure  Pick up Taulov
 Pick up Aarhus
 17:00  19:00   Monday  Tuesday  06:00   Tuesday  13:00
 17:00  19:00  Tuesday  Wednesday  06:00  Thursday  13:00
 17:00  19:00  Wednesday  Thursday  06:00  Thursday  13:00
 17:00  19:00  Thursday  Friday  06:00  Friday  13:00
 17:00  19:00  Friday  Monday  05:00  Monday  13:00