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GO Green APM Terminals Algeciras

CSR & Environment

APM Terminals Algeciras is committed to the protection of the environment and sustainable development. Many initiatives and projects are making this possible.

  • APM Terminals Algeciras has an internal water network that contains any leakage and prevents it from reaching open water. 
  • With best practices in recycling and minimising energy consumption, APM Terminals Algeciras succeeded in reducing its water consumption by 50%, compared to 2017.
  • The facility consumes as much electricity as a town of 18,000 people. This electricity comes from 100% renewable sources.

Social Action Awards

APM Terminals Algeciras is keen to support its surrounding communities and encourages its employees to play a key role in this partnership. The company's Social Action Awards is a yearly event, in which APM Terminals Algeciras announces the ONG/projects it will be supporting during the year. 

APM Terminals Social Action Awards 2021 

Selected projects are run by local or regional non-profit organizations and cover areas such as education, environment and health, and socio-economic development. Each project is supported by an employee, who takes ownership of the project, presents it to the community and provides a focal point. Involving employees in the social investment process helps maximize the societal and business value of these donations, and ensures they have a sustainable benefit and addresses community issues and needs.

In the eighth edition of the Social Action Awards in 2021, APM Terminals Algeciras awarded 32,000 euros to 9 different projects, which this year are focused on caring for the sick, preventing addictions, caring for the elderly and assisting people with financial difficulties .

Global Safety Day 2021

APM Terminals Algeciras maintains its commitment to continuous improvement of its safety standards. During the 2021 Global Safety Day, which focused on the them, Leading with Care, employees, stevedores, contractors and transporters participated in activities adapted to the measures in force against Covid-19, and accompanied by Tanuj Luthra, Head of Global Safety and Resilience of Maersk, and Keld Pedersen, APM Terminals West-Med Hub Managing Director.

During Global Safety Day, APM Terminals Algeciras has involved both office and yard employees in learning about all the variables involved in front-line work at the terminal, to know their risks and how to facilitate their work. And it has done so through online sessions, interactive games through the Kahoot platform and Gemba walks, which are visits emanating from the Lean philosophy to understand processes, dialogue with employees and identify opportunities for improvement, both on the dock , as in the control room, in the courtyard and in the workshops. Learn more...


Go Green

Go Green is an environmental initiative launched by marine terminal operators APM Terminals, DP World, Hutchison Ports, Port of Rotterdam Authority (PRA), PSA International and Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG), as a reminder that the entire industry should work together to tackle environmental challenges.

APM Terminals Algeciras celebrates this event every year, to highlights its strong commitment to taking care of the environment. The terminal collaborates with the port community to promote environmental awareness and sustainability.


Go Green 2021 APM Terminals Algeciras 

In 2021, APM Terminals Algeciras inaugurated a charging point for electric vehicles in its employee parking lot. The charging point will promote and facilitate cleaner mobility among its staff, a gesture that, according to the CEO of APM Terminals West-Med Hub, Keld Pedersen, “Will have a great impact if we all unite in the global challenge of creating a more sustainable world, with small actions in every corner of the planet”.

This project supports APM Terminals Algeciras’ 2021 environmental objectives, which were presented to employees, contractors, suppliers and clients in a virtual. During the event, the potential for photovoltaic solar energy and fossil fuel substitution strategies aimed at a more sustainable world were also presented.

The environmental awareness day also included GEMBAs. This is where small groups of diverse employees visit different parts of the terminal to reinforce knowledge and in this instance, check different sources of waste generation and how it is managed and share ideas for continuous improvement.