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Our Terminal

APM Terminals Algeciras is one of the largest terminals in the Western Mediterranean, and a natural transhipment hub for cargoes to and from Africa, Europe and the Far East. It is equipped to serve Ultra-Large Container Ships over 20,000 TEU and has an impressive track record of safety, efficiency and productivity.

APM Terminals Algeciras is located in the Strait of Gibraltar, the main East/West shipping route through the Mediterranean Sea, and provides a natural transhipment location for cargoes moving on vessels passing through the Strait of Gibraltar on major liner services linking Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa, with 19 quay cranes delivering the best performance on Ultra-Large Container Ships. Approximately 7% of the volume is dedicated to import/Export operations.

Operations at APM Terminals Algeciras commenced on February 28, 1986, with only 78 employees, two cranes and covering an area of 45,000m². Today, APM Terminals Algeciras, 100% owned by APM Terminals, is one of the largest terminals in the Western Mediterranean. 

In 2018 APM Terminals Algeciras commissioned three new latest-generation ship-to-shore cranes, to improve efficiency on Ultra-Large Container Ships.

The facility is well located next to the Algeciras-Bobadilla railway line, offering efficient connections between Algeciras and the Mediterranean and Atlantic railway corridors.

ISO 45001 Environmental Certification


APM Terminals Algeciras was the first container facility in Spain to earn the International Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard ISO 45001 Certification. The OSHAS training provides a framework for the effective management of Occupational Safety and Health, including all aspects of risk management and legal compliance.

The terminals also holds ISO 27001 certification for its information security management system (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organisation's information risk management processes.


APM Terminals Algeciras is also ISO 14001 certified. This certificate confirm the effective environmental management system implemented. The terminal also complies with the International Ports and Ship Security Code (ISPS Code).

At a glance

✔ Draft: 17m
✔ TEU/Annum: 4.3m
✔ Area: 67ha
✔ STS Cranes: 19
✔ RTGs: 59 (max weight 41 tonnes, stacking height: 5; width: 6)
✔ Quay: 2,000m
✔ Reefer plugs: 4,000
✔ One of the most efficient terminals in Europe