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Improve your planning with our new Shipping Line Dashboard

Accurate and reliable planning can help streamline the entire supply chain. For shipping lines, improved planning also translates into huge financial and environmental benefits. So it’s understandable that our new Shipping Line Dashboard was high on your list of asks.

In what we believe to be an industry first, our Shipping Line Dashboard provides you with real-time visibility of container loading/discharging during your port stay, together with reliable estimated completion times.

Waiting for telephone updates about the status of vessel loading/discharging during your port stay have become a thing of the past. Available via our secure platform, you can conveniently track progress 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It offers complete transparency about your vessel operations, right down to individual crane moves/efficiency.

Connected to our Terminal Operating System, it provides you with reliable estimated completion times (free of human bias) and enables you to improve the accuracy of your own planning.

  • Improved Planning: Complete transparency and reliable estimated completion times calculated using an advanced algorithm.
  • Reduced Port Stay: Based on the data we can work together to increase dual cycles and tandem lifts and optimise crane splits to ensure all cranes complete at the same time.
  • Real-time visibility: Available 24/7 via our secure platform from anywhere in the world.

You’ll find the Shipping Line Dashboard under Dashboard on and once we’ve verified your security clearance you’ll have access to reliable, real-time information (for your vessels) that could transform your operations in just a few seconds.

We want to hear your suggestions

In the near future, you’ll also be able monitor stowage moves in real time, which will provide excellent data for further collaboration on improving stowage plans to ultimately reduce terminal dwell times.

But this is just the start, the biggest contribution to port stay reduction will come through improved collaboration based on the transparent data provided by the shipping line dashboard. Email with your suggestions. What information would you like to see to make our common goal of Just-In-Time port calls a reality?