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Our Terminal

Located on the North Sea coast in Germany, North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven (NTB) links Bremerhaven with more than 130 ports worldwide. The Terminal has excellent connections to the European hinterland, the Baltic States and Scandinavia through feeder services, dedicated rail services and direct access to European highways.

North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven GmbH & Co. (NTB), was founded in May 1998 and is a 50:50 joint venture between APM Terminals and Eurogate. The terminal officially opened in April 1999.

Equipment and Facilities

North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven with 6 18000 TEU vessels berthedThe terminal has 6 ship berths for ultra-large container vessels (>23,000 TEU). With over 2,000 refer plugs, NTB also is one of the largest handling locations of refrigerated containers worldwide. Operating 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 360 days per year  ( view public holiday closure dates  ), the Terminal services around 45 vessels per week and handles more than 3 million TEU per year.

  • 1,087,000 sqm yard area
  • >2,000 reefer connections
  • 1,800 m quay (6 berths)
  • 18 Super-Post-Panmax gantry cranes – Lifting height 51.2m (10 tiers), boom length 82.80m (25 container rows on deck)
  • 102 Straddle Carriers
  • Water depth: 16.5m
  • Terminal Operating System: NAV4

Intermodal Connections

In addition to direct access to key European highways, Rail Terminal Bremerhaven has six rail tracks with a loading length of approx. 760 m for container handling, measured from the beginning of the 1st loading position to the buffer stop. The transshipment takes place through four container loading bridges. 

Authorised Economic Operator Status

NTB achieved Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status from the World Customs Organisation in 2008. This recognises the terminal as a secure and safe business partner, which works closely with Customs and other government authorities. Among other things, for customer it results in simplified customs procedures, fewer physical and document-based controls, and priority treatment if selected for control.

AEO status also means that the controls we have in place reduce theft and losses, results in fewer delayed shipments; improved planning; improved customer service and lower inspection costs of suppliers.

Safety & Security

North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven is subject to the provisions of the International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS). Entering or driving on the terminal facilities requires the terminal operator’s exemption and strict compliance with the safety measures.

Energy Policy

The conservation of energy resources are very important at North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven. Therefore, NTB installed a certified energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 well before this became a legal obligation. This helps the Terminals develop processes and systems for the continuous improvement of energy efficiency.