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APM Terminals Callao

APM Terminals Callao is the operator of the North Multipurpose Terminal of the Port of Callao, the largest in Peru and on the west coast of the South American Pacific. On July 1, 2011, the first commercial unloading was made, since then, we have been working for eight years to benefit the foreign port trade. The terminal operates 365 days per year.

The North Terminal of the Port of Callao is a multipurpose maritime terminal, prepared for the handling of containerized cargo, break bulk, solid bulk, RoRo and bulk cargo. APM Terminals Callao has a national market share of approximately 40% in containerized cargo and 70% in general cargo, excluding minerals. It also has facilities for tourist cruises and receiving passengers.

Our mission

We connect Peru with the world, facilitating the growth of foreign trade from the first multipurpose port in the country, investing in infrastructure and developing our people.


Our vision

Improve the lives of Peruvians by promoting the country's trade with the world.

Our values: 

  • Constant care - Take care of today and actively prepare for tomorrow.
  • Humbleness - Listen, learn, share and give space to others.
  • Uprightness - Our word is our bond.
  • Our employees - The right work environment for the right people
  • Our name - The sum of our values put into practice.

Equipment & Facilities

✔ 4 Super Post Panamax STS Crane (23 container reach)

✔ 2 Panamax STS Crane (13 container reach)

✔ 4 Post Panamax MHC (19 container reach)

✔ 12 RTGs (Electric)

✔ 2 RTGs (Diesel)

✔ 750 Reefer connections