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Meet Our People

Hear from a handful of our 22,000 employees talk about their jobs, our values and what working at APM Terminals means to them and their families.

CEO Talks – Keith Svendsen


In the CEO Talks series, CEO of APM Terminals, Keith Svendsen looks back at the quarter and provides an update on key company achievements and market conditions.

Ricardo Alexis Alvarado Ruiz


For many of our teammates, the drive to lift the standards of efficiency and reliability is finding fusión with personal passions, as in the case of Ricardo Alexis Alvarado Ruiz, supervisor at APM Terminals Moin, Costa Rica. He was part of the ‘pit stop’ team which reduced the time taken for empty reefer inspection from 40 to just 4 minutes.

Zahir Al-Amri


After spending more than half of his life working at the Port of Salalah, he talks about the career steps he taken over the years. In 2020, he was selected for the company's leadership training and is no responsible for an exciting new development at Salalah, Flow Manager. This is a new Lean concept to improve efficiency in port operations.

Rodal Yap


In this heartfelt testimony, Rodal Yap, Business Support Analyst Port of Salalah,  explains how he and the company have been supporting each other over many years, and how the Port of Salalah is well positioning to maintain it's leading position.

Merlyn Bermudez


My name is Merlyn Bermudez, I am a Shift Manager at APM Terminals, Moín, Costa Rica. As APM Terminals first female Shift Manager in Latin Amercia I want to share a little bit about my story in support of International Women's Day 2022...

Mattia Villardita


Mattia Villardita is a Gate and Cargo Controller at APM Terminals Vado Ligure, Italy. Working shifts gives him the opportunity to pursue his other passion – surprising sick children as the Italian Spiderman.

Shraddha Pimpale


Shraddha Pimpale is an Assistant Manager – Roster. She has seen APM Terminals Mumbai, India grow since she started working there in 2004 to a terminal that now processes 2 million 20 foot container equivalent units (TEU). Working at the terminal provides a great work-life balance.

Abderrazzak Chouiti


Shift Manager, Abderrazzak Chouiti is extremely proud of the safety culture APM Terminals Tangier, Morocco, particularly when his truck driver friends comment on the high standards at the terminal.

Ahmed Sadat Ahmed Kassem & Hassan El-Graihy Nasim El-Soda


Ahmed Sadat Ahmed Kassem a Quay Crane Operator and Hassan El-Graihy Nasim El-Soda, a Foreman at the Suez Canal Container Company (SCCT) acknowledge the huge role that SCCT plays in supporting the local community, with the health and education of children a key priority.

Katherine López


Safety Supervisor, Katherine López, talks about the importance of safety and security at APM Terminals Moín, Costa Rica, where the secret of success lies in collaboration.

Rahul Padmashali


Rahul Padmashali, a Quay Crane Operator at APM Terminals Mumbai (India) for more than 15 years, expresses his appreciation for the safe and open culture and the support that he and his colleagues receive.

Alba López


Maintenance Operator, Alba López, firmly believes that together with APM Terminals Barcelona (Spain) she's opened the doors for other women to join her in what was once a male dominated specialism.

Roberto Rodi

Roberto Rodi

When Robert Rodi, Manager Terminal Operations System at APM Terminals Itajaí (Brazil) talks about how the terminal and the people of Itajaí have stood side-by-side during the COVID crisis, his pride in working for the company is unmistakable.

Saba Nanava


As a Yard & Cargo Planner, Saba Nanava is proud to have contributed to keeping the supply chain moving during the global pandemic, at APM Terminals Poti, which handles 80% of the containers passing through Georgia.

International Women's day 2021


Itzel Pano


Itzel Pano, Customer Service Supervisor at APM Terminals Lázaro Cárdenas explains the importance of customer service and innovation for keeping cargo flowing as efficiently as possible.

Cruz Landa


Joaquin Hernández


Vessel Planning Supervisor, Joaquin Hernández, explains his pride in working for Latin America's first semi-automated terminal and how technology, innovation and highly qualified personal can make a huge difference.

What do Our Employees Think About Working at APM Terminals?


"I guess we all want to feel that what we do is important, adds value, contributes to the greater good...For me this is what working at a terminal is about."

Women at Work, APM Terminals Apapa


Josselin Yarisma Ascon Wil


Meet Josselin Yarisma Ascon Wil, who works at our terminal in Quetzal, Guatemala. Watch Josselin explain why working at APM Terminals has had a big influence on her life.

Our experts in operations: Straddle carier & Truck driver


What's it like to work as a straddle carrier operator at APM Terminals?

Our experts in operations: Crane Operator


Our experts in operations: Twistlockers


What's it like to work as a twistlocker at APM Terminals?

Our experts in operations: Tally clerks