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Meet Our People

Here, a handful of our 22,000 employees talk about their jobs, our values and what working at APM Terminals means to them and their families.

Katherine López


Safety Supervisor, Katherine López, talks about the importance of safety and security at APM Terminals Moín, Costa Rica, where the secret of success lies in collaboration.

Rahul Padmashali


Rahul Padmashali, a Quay Crane Operator at APM Terminals Mumbai (India) for more than 15 years, expresses his appreciation for the safe and open culture and the support that he and his colleagues receive.

Alba López


Maintenance Operator, Alba López, firmly believes that together with APM Terminals Barcelona (Spain) she's opened the doors for other women to join her in what was once a male dominated specialism.

Roberto Rodi

Roberto Rodi

When Robert Rodi, Manager Terminal Operations System at APM Terminals Itajaí (Brazil) talks about how the terminal and the people of Itajaí have stood side-by-side during the COVID crisis, his pride in working for the company is unmistakable.

Saba Nanava


As a Yard & Cargo Planner, Saba Nanava is proud to have contributed to keeping the supply chain moving during the global pandemic, at APM Terminals Poti, which handles 80% of the containers passing through Georgia.

International Women's day 2021


During International Women's Day 2021, Female employees at APM Terminals MedPort Tangier, Morocco, talk about their experiences working for the company.

Itzel Pano


Itzel Pano, Customer Service Supervisor at APM Terminals Lázaro Cárdenas explains the importance of customer service and innovation for keeping cargo flowing as efficiently as possible.

Cruz Landa


Cruz Landa, the first female heavy equipment operator at APM Terminals Lázaro Cárdenas explains the importance of efficiency for the terminal and customers.

Joaquin Hernández


Vessel Planning Supervisor, Joaquin Hernández, explains his pride in working for Latin America's first semi-automated terminal and how technology, innovation and highly qualified personal can make a huge difference.

What do Our Employees Think About Working at APM Terminals?


"I guess we all want to feel that what we do is important, adds value, contributes to the greater good...For me this is what working at a terminal is about."

Women at Work, APM Terminals Apapa


Since the Nigerian government allowed female employees to work night shifts in 2019, APM Terminals Apapa now have six women working in operations

Josselin Yarisma Ascon Wil


Meet Josselin Yarisma Ascon Wil, who works at our terminal in Quetzal, Guatemala. Watch Josselin explain why working at APM Terminals has had a big influence on her life.

Our experts in operations: Straddle carier & Truck driver


What's it like to work as a straddle carrier operator at APM Terminals?

Our experts in operations: Crane Operator


What's it like to work as a crane operator at APM Terminals?

Our experts in operations: Twistlockers


What's it like to work as a twistlocker at APM Terminals?

Our experts in operations: Tally clerks


What's it like to work as a tally clerk at APM Terminals?