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Green Gothenburg Gateway

No matter where in Sweden you are, Green Gothenburg Gateway concept ensures that your container will reach Gothenburg within 24 hours by smart train-solutions. In Gothenburg, your container will be loaded onto a large ocean-going vessel on its way to the world market. By increased efficiency and digital solutions, APM Terminals Gothenburg continues to deliver fast, smart and reliable cargo handling and to bring Sweden closer to the world.  

Green Gothenburg Gateway strengthens our contribution to the Swedish business sector’s competitiveness and climate work and help to meet the county’s climate change commitments. 


Benefits of Green Gothenburg Gateway

  • The fastest and most sustainable solution to the world market, by combining rail and ocean-going vessel
  • APM Terminals Gothenburg has converted completely to fossil-free energy. All our customers get fossil-free transport through our terminal at no cost.
  • Our customers can participate in APM Terminals Low Carbon Logistics programme, which is founded on our investment in solar energy at our terminals in places where we cannot procure renewable electricity. Customers will receive certification for the emissions reductions that are allocated to them.

Case Study: Gothenburg-Shanghai

Map of climate impact apm terminals gothenburgIn collaboration with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, APM Terminals can provide climate calculations so you can work out which routes and modes of transport are most sustainable. In the example below, we see that trains from northern Sweden to Gothenburg and onward journeys by ocean-going ship to Rotterdam emit 82% less CO2 than transports along the long east coast of Sweden.

1. 63 kg CO₂/TEU

  • Northern Sweden – Gothenburg – Rotterdam – Shanghai:
  • From northern Sweden to Gothenburg via railway. Loading on to mainliner (50% utilization) to Rotterdam. No reloading. 70% utilization of mainliner to Shanghai.

2. 356 kg CO₂/TEU

  • Northern Sweden – Rotterdam – Shanghai:
  • From northern Sweden, truck to the nearest port. From the port in northern Sweden to Rotterdam with feeder (90% utilization). Reloading in Rotterdam with 70% utilization of mainliner to Shanghai.