APM Terminals Gothenburg increases train capacity

On December 15, the track plan for 2020 (T20) takes effect on the Swedish rail network. It is The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket), in consultation with all parties on the Swedish railway, who decide on the track plan that should apply.

Fortunately, capacity in the number of possible shuttles to APM Terminals in Gothenburg will increase. Doing so, we are taking another step towards enabling efficient train solutions linked to ocean-going vessels in direct traffic to the world's largest markets. This is not only beneficial for Sweden's imports and exports, but also an important step in meeting the ongoing national climate challenge.

Sweden aims to reduce the environmental impact of domestic transport by 70 % by 2030. Currently, 88 % of this traffic is by truck, 9 % by train and 3 % by vessels. To reach these important climate targets, traffic will need to transfer from truck to both trains and vessels.

“APM Terminals Gothenburg will take its responsibility to achieve the national environmental goal. With the increased train capacity, we make it possible to reduce transport by road. Our commitment to the environment also makes it easier for our customers, and their customers, to reach their climate goals. Our customers demand more environmentally friendly transport and we have never had such high pressure on requests for slot times as now. With the new track plan, there will be plenty of train slots to and from Gothenburg,” says Morten Brühl, CCO at APM Terminals Gothenburg.


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