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Green Gothenburg Gateway is growing – more climate-smart transport of long-haul goods than ever before

APM Terminals Gothenburg now receives more long-haul goods via rail than ever before and can simultaneously measure a total increase in rail volumes of 8% during the first quarter, compared to the previous year.

In 2019, APM Terminals launched the Green Gothenburg Gateway initiative, which involves containers reaching Gothenburg within 24 hours, regardless of where in the country they are loaded, via climate-smart rail solutions.

"At APM Terminals Gothenburg, we are particular about having a long-term approach to our environmental focus, working actively to help our customers find more sustainable transport solutions. We are therefore happy to see that more and more people are daring to invest in rail and that volumes are increasing from virtually all the hubs we collaborate with, including the long-haul ones," says Svante Altås, Sr. Sales Executive at APM Terminals Gothenburg.

Compared to last year, APM Terminals Gothenburg now receives an average of five more shuttles per week, for which the volume of consumer products, clothing and forestry products has increased.