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APM Terminals Gothenburg increases capacity to help ships get back onto schedule

There are a lot of challenges in the global logistics world right now. The pandemic has caused major disruption to transport systems and the consequences of the Suez situation can be seen in the form of delays and queues. Therefore, APM Terminals Gothenburg is adding extra capacity to help our customers.

Around one in four container ships arriving at the port of Gothenburg, are currently arriving outside their time slots. Measurements in recent weeks show that 97% of ships are still leaving the port within the set time.

"Ships that arrive within their time slots are prioritised as agreed. At the same time, we're doing everything we can to help those customers that are affected by delays. This means that we're offering extra services, including during weekends, as well as adding extra resources", says Magnus Lundberg, Commercial Manager at APM Terminals Gothenburg.

"Some of our customers are currently facing challenges with instability in their logistic flows, and as a result, we're also offering 'storage as a service' to help balance their long-distance flows to give more flexibility and more opportunities", Magnus Lundberg concludes.