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Gothenburg self-service gate 2019

More efficient handling of export goods

Since October 2020, APM Terminals Gothenburg has welcomed export goods without final clarification in its system, which has streamlined the flow for its haulage customers significantly.

"Since the decision was made, the number of emails and phone calls regarding gate stops has decreased by almost 100%. Since just over six months ago, haulage customers who previously had to wait to have their units manually clarified can pass through the gate to the terminal as soon as a visit code has been created. This gives a smoother flow and saves a lot of time, both for our customers and for us", says August Gustafsson, Customs Expert Gate & CFS at APM Terminals.

"Other ports have now chosen to follow the path of APM Terminals, which we think is a positive sign, as the improved customer experience is spreading throughout Sweden’s logistics industry", he concludes.

There is no requirement on the part of Swedish Customs that exports have to be ready for customs right from the gate. On the other hand, they need to be ready 24 hours before departure. The responsibility for ensuring that exports have been declared lies with the exporter and is governed by internal agreements with the shipping company.