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X-Press Feeders: “Extended service via Gothenburg”

From week 45, we are happy to once again welcome X-Press Feeders and their customers to Gothenburg. APM Terminals has spoken with Sven Siemsen, Sr. Manager Marketing Europe at X-Press Feeders.

“We have received inquiries from our customers to expand the service via Gothenburg and therefore it became natural for us to extend an already existing service to meet that demand”, Sven Siemsen comments.

“The imports, which mainly come from Asia, were previously routed exclusively via Rotterdam. The loop has now been steered from Hamburg to Gothenburg via Fredericia, Copenhagen and Helsingborg. We've got a bit of a waiting game for the inbound cargo to come up in in full swing. The export, however, already is supported by two customers and we're looking forward to helping other clients, too. We expect our economies of scale to allow further outsourcing of existing volumes onto our network”, he continues.

Gothenburg – the gateway to Sweden

Sven Siemsen explains that as long as cargo prospects are large enough, X-Press Feeders will do its utmost to be reactive to the market and create service according to customer needs.

“Shippers in the Far East in China are aware that Gothenburg is an important gateway to Sweden, even though that ultimately the container may up end up on the East Coast or further north in the country, he comments and continues:

“Connectivity into the hinterland via the railway is well-functioning and vast stretches of Sweden can be reached via Gothenburg. Taking cargo off the road, reducing the climate footprint by using environmentally friendly transport, lies not only in the interests of our customers, but also in our own.”

“With the Shipper's own container, we are happy to welcome anyone on board X-Press Feeders”, he concludes.