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Continued Growth In 2022

The increase in need for reliable logistics solutions via APM Terminals Gothenburg continues at an unchanged rate and the market trends of the last two years are continuing.

Clear market trends - APM Terminals continues to grow in a demanding market

New figures from the Ports of Sweden confirm previous trends; volumes are increasingly concentrated in larger ports with a wide range of services, while the smaller ports are losing volume. The total container market fell by two percent during the first quarter of the year, compared with the same period last year. During the same period, APM Terminals Gothenburg has grown by four percent, which measured in TEU corresponds to more than twice as much as the second largest port in Sweden.

“APM Terminals has worked intensively to broaden the range of services and improve the quality of our offering. These investments continue and we are very pleased with the increased trust we are experiencing among all customers in the market,” says Magnus Lundberg, Commercial Manager at APM Terminals Gothenburg.

More and more shipping services via APM Terminals Gothenburg

New conditions and needs have led to an increase in the number of calls to APM Terminals in Gothenburg. Today, a total of fourteen vessels call in a week, of which three are completely new routes compared with the same period last year.

In the end of March, the long-awaited direct line to the US started calling APM Terminals Gothenburg, a service that will provide great opportunities for the Swedish market.

“APM Terminals is the only container terminal in Sweden for which the number of calls is increasing. We can also see that more and more importers are choosing Gothenburg, which further strengthens the balance between imports and exports, and benefits our customers,” says Per Wahlström, Market analyst at APM Terminals Gothenburg.

New rail shuttles from all over Sweden

During the spring, APM Terminals welcomed several new rail shuttles, both from existing destinations and a completely new route to Umeå, in north of Sweden. The proportion of goods transported by rail continues to increase and, compared with spring 2021, APM Terminals' rail volumes have increased by 10 per cent.