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APM Terminals Gothenburg welcomes electric trucks

In mid January, the first electric truck will roll through the gates of APM Terminals. Skaraslättens Transport is one of the haulage companies that is the first to electrify parts of their truck fleet for container traffic.

"We are now going from word to action. We’re proud and pleased that our electric trucks will go into production in mid January. This would not have been possible without Nordicon, an important customer for this investment," says Johan Söderström, Marketing Manager at Skaraslättens Transport.

"At Nordicon, we have long set high sustainability standards. Our forklift fleet is already electrified. Now we felt it was time to take the next step and electrify our transport operations. If it's possible to run a business on electricity, you should do it," says Emil Carlström, CEO of Nordicon Terminals.

Container Terminal Illustration

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