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How well have we served you throughout the second quarter?

Summer is coming to an end and APM Terminals hope that our customers and partners have had a wonderful holiday period. At APM Terminals, summer has been characterised by reliable customer deliveries with 98% of vessels lifting anchor and leaving the port on time, and efficient truck handling at an average of 29 minutes. 


“Top-class efficiency is something our customers can expect when choosing us as their partner,” says Brian Bitsch, Commercial Manager at APM Terminals Gothenburg.  "We are constantly working to improve productivity further, and it is great to see that the efforts are yielding results."  

APM Terminals helps late vessels get back in the loop  

When we at APM Terminals look over customer deliveries so far this year, we see that 30 of 180 vessels arrived at the port later than agreed. Of these delayed vessels, APM Terminals managed to help 26 of them get back on schedule. 

"We place great importance on helping vessels get back on track in what are often tight schedules. Vessels leaving the port on time can maintain normal speed to the next port, resulting in both major environmental gains and financial savings for our customers," says Brian Bitsch.  

"We are really pleased with the service at APM Terminals. We particularly appreciate the close and straightforward communication with APM Terminals’ vessel and berth planners. Together, we always find good, flexible solutions, especially when we need more service than agreed," says Rebecka Melkersson, Port Operations Officer at CMA-CGM. 

Significantly faster truck handling 

The quarterly summary also shows a significant reduction in truck handling time. In the second quarter of 2022, the average handling time was 38 minutes, a figure that has now been reduced to 29 minutes. In addition, APM Terminals has introduced priority handling of electric trucks. 

"Skaraslättens Transport are very pleased with this development at APM Terminals. It is fantastic to have partners and stakeholders who share our values and ambitions of laying the foundation for sustainable transport. Creating a priority lane for our and others' electric vehicles is an excellent, successful example of this. In the future, we would like to see that other alternative fuels, such as biogas, are also given priority," says Johan Söderström, Marketing Manager at Skaraslättens Transport.

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