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Smoother Customer Interaction and Enhanced Support: APM Terminals Raises the Bar for Customer Care

Whether you're seeking information about container status, service orders, tariffs, or customs matters, our devoted and expanded Customer Care Team is at your service. We've taken steps to make it even easier to get in touch with us. 

A single channel for swift support

Starting August 23rd, you can now reach out to APM Terminals through the email address Our vigilant Customer Care Team monitors the inbox continuously and will promptly help or guide you to the appropriate contact person. 

"Regardless of the nature of our customers' concerns, they can now rely on a single communication channel. Our aim is for this not only to save our customers' time but also to provide a sense of security," says Emma Klofsten Tendell, a Customer Care Partner at APM Terminals Gothenburg. 

Expansion of the Customer Care Team

In August, APM Terminals welcomed two new Customer Care Agents, Victor Gustafsson and Sarah Petersson, who will actively address customer inquiries on a daily basis. 

"We have chosen to strengthen our team in order to be even closer to our customers. Our ambition is to provide swift support while carefully listening to and addressing questions and feedback," adds Emma Klofsten Tendell. 

Your questions help us improve

Through an innovative CRM system, issues reaching the Customer Care Team are categorized and documented. This provides APM Terminals with the opportunity to gather valuable data used in daily improvement efforts. 

"Now we possess a comprehensive understanding of our customers' daily queries and requirements.. This enables the development of improvements, solutions, and services that cater to these needs in both the short and long term," concludes Emma Klofsten Tendell.

Please note that the email address has expired and been replaced by 

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