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Due to the technical issues this morning we are extending the opening hours in our gates to 11 PM today (19 July).  Our gates are open until 11 PM (23:00) today, this applies to both the empty depot and the yard in Gate 3 and 4. To receive future updates via email please request to add you to the distribution list.

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Safety Induction

HSSE Induction App APM Terminals Gothenburg

Safety comes first at APM Terminals Gothenburg! This goes for all parts of our business including you as a visitor to our terminal. A Safety Induction is therefore a compulsory e- learning program for drivers, suppliers and other visitors, prior to entering the terminal. This ensures that all individuals inside the terminal feel safe and secure and respect the safety regulations.

The Safety Induction can be completed using our Visitor HSSE app on your mobile device, online or at Port Entry where you collect your pass card for terminal access.

Instructions for completing the HSSE Induction

To complete safety induction, download Visitor HSSE app on your mobile or click on the web version (see links in the box on this page). All information is handled in compliance with data protection and privacy regulations (GDPR).

  • Enter using your passport/identification number
  • Select APM Terminals Gothenburg and click LOGIN.
  • Select the category and provide the required information.
  • Complete the safety induction by watching the video and taking the test.


Contractors working in our terminal or workers visiting production areas etc., may be required to complete specific trainings. Your contact person at the terminal will arrange this.


Tel: +46 31 368 75 68

Tel: +46 31 368 75 66

For Customer support
Tel: +46 10 122 27 00