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Due to the technical issues this morning we are extending the opening hours in our gates to 11 PM today (19 July).  Our gates are open until 11 PM (23:00) today, this applies to both the empty depot and the yard in Gate 3 and 4. To receive future updates via email please request to add you to the distribution list.

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Dangerous Cargo

Dangerous goods may not be stored within the Port of Gothenburg area including APM Terminals Gothenburg AB; they may be handled only as part of their transportation. General requirements related to dangerous goods in the Port of Gothenburg can be found on the Port of Gothenburg website. 

Limited time in terminal

Depending on class, the allowed time in terminal is limited as below: 


Dangerous goods declarations

Dangerous goods declarations should be emailed to before the container is delivered to the terminal. The mail must include Dangerous Goods Declaration with Container number in the subject.

Pre-announcement of large quantities of dangerous goods

For larger quantities of dangerous goods, or dangerous goods that may entail special risk we need information prior to arrival at the terminal.

The pre-announcement is required to be sent by mail to a week prior to arrival. Larger amounts of dangerous goods need to be accepted by the terminal as it requires us to prepare the terminal in advance for safe handling and ensure allowed level of same UN isn’t exceeded.

The following information is required in the pre-announcement:

  • Date when the dangerous goods will arrive at the terminal
  • Import/Export
  • Ship/Rail
  • Amount of containers
  • Primary and eventual secondary classes as well as UN no
  • Date when the dangerous goods will departure from the terminal

IMDG Class 7 & 1 – Additional Action Required

Dangerous goods with IMDG class 1 and 7 are required to be notified to us 48 h before arrival or departure of vessel to Pickup or drop off needs to be coordinated as containers need to be picked up or dropped off when vessel is alongside.

  • Export containers are not permitted to enter the terminal if vessel is not alongside.
  • Import containers are not permitted to stay within the terminal after vessel has departed. If not picked up, terminal is not permitted to store container within the yard hence it needs to will be loaded on vessel once again.