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Due to large volumes in the beginning of week 22, we expect a larger number of visits to our gates during Monday and Tuesday. This might affect the handling times. We are actively working to allocate our resources in the best possible way to reduce the impact on the handling times and encourage to evenly distribute visits over the day and week. To receive future updates via email please request to add you to the distribution list.

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Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI)

Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) is an inspection conducted on an empty reefer container before released, to ensure the correct functioning of the cooling unit, temperature control and recording devices. PTI also includes checking the container for structural damage and ensuring that the inside of the container is clean and ready in all respect to receive cargo.

  • By ordering this service, we will ensure your reefer container is ready with your desired temperature settings – specified in our order.
  • Service can only be ordered by the container owner, and price includes transport to and from PTI area which is included in each individual shipping line contract.
  • Please place your order 48 hours prior to desired pickup date to ensure your container will be ready in time for pickup. For orders placer later than 48 hours prior to desired pickup, we cannot guarantee container to be ready.

Pre-trip inspections should not be confused with pre-cooling, which involves pre-cooling products (wherever required) to the required carriage temperature before being packed into the container.

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