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In spring 2022, a new quay for short-sea traffic will be completed at APM Terminals Gothenburg. This new investment will provide flexible and environmentally-friendly short-sea shipping from Gothenburg within Europe. The quay will be equipped with special resources for short-sea service as well as three cranes that have been moved and upgraded to handle smaller vessels.

The pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in the global supply chain which combined with existing macro trends in changing consumer demands. Accelerated digitization, technology and automation are enabling cost effective near or onshoring. This has meant that many cargo owners have chosen to move all or parts of their production and storage closer to their markets, which will only increase the demand for a flexible and sustainable short-sea offering.

Benefits of short-sea

  • High flexibility for those with varying logistics needs over time
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to road transport
  • High reliability, get your goods on time
  • A cost-effective solution with minimal risk of damaged goods
  • Moves goods away from busy roads, reducing queuing, delays and accidents

What does this mean for global customers?

This upgraded service will make Intra-European traffic to all parts of Sweden more efficient via Gothenburg. Sweden is the fifth largest country in Europe, larger than Germany and Italy, with strong purchasing power and active international trade. The inland transportation possibilities via rail to all of Sweden provides a unique opportunity for triangulating goods and container flow in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. In addition, this short-sea investment will also create new logistic opportunities e.g., transshipment opportunities via Gothenburg.