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Veterinary Inspection Positioning

Veterinary inspection positioning provided by APM Terminals Kalundborg, is a cost-effective, reliable and legally robust means of importing animal products from non-EU countries. 

To comply with EU regulations, containers containing animal products must pass veterinary inspection before being cleared for onward transport. To optimize the inspection process, APM Terminals will transport your container between the terminal and inspection areas.

Inspection can therefore be carried out more efficiently, as the container can be pulled for control as soon as it has arrived at the quay. With all documents in order, customers experience reduced dwell time and more flexible pick up at the terminal. 

Our Veterinary Inspection Positioning service provides

  • Secure and reliable transport for control
  • Compliance with EU regulations
  • Hassle free booking process
  • Flexibility
  • Competitive pricing

The service can be booked through the veterinary authorities (Email:, or Call +45 72276338) who will then arrange optimally-timed transport with APM Terminals Kalundborg. 

Good to know

  • Transport costs and Veterinary fee are paid directly to the port of Kalundborg
  • Costs as follows:
    Veterinary fee: DKK 1.500,00 per container
    Transport fee: DKK 800,00 per container

The Veterinary Border Control Post is approved for the following commodities:
POA-HC (1)(2) – Incl. organic control     
POA-NHC (1)(2) - Incl. organic control
PNAO-HC (food) (1)(2) - Incl. organic control
PNAO-NHC (feed)-NT (1)(2) - Incl. organic control
PNAO-NHC (other)-NT (1)(2) - Incl. organic control
POA-NHC-NT (1) – Only liquid fats, oils, and fish oils