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VGM Weighing

At APM Terminals Kalundborg we can weigh your containers using our reach stackers, with no disruption to your supply chain. The price of this service is DKK 161 per container. Late VGM - after closing is DKK 359 per container.

After submitting the form below you will receive a confirmation email. As soon as the VGM is obtained it will be sent to the email registered during customer creation and to the shipping line/agents via EDI if they accept this. Note that APM Terminals Kalundborg is not responsible for confirming receipt by the shipping line/agents.

Order Form

The form cannot be submitted because the anti-forgery token was meant for a different claims-based user than the current user. Please refresh the page and submit the form again

Request VGM for up to 10 containers using this form. For additional containers please complete a separate form.

Your information


Please ensure that Container IDs do not include blank spaces (before or after) or '-'.

Please check your email address before clicking the submit button. All weighing services are performed according to our terms and conditions. If a terminal booking has not been created within 1 month after the VGM booking, the VGM booking will become obsolete and will be deleted from the system. A new booking is required if VGM service is still needed.

Register for VGM

Customers who are registered for our PIC system can order VGM using the form on this page.

Non-PIC customers need to register by emailing the following information:

- Company Name
- Billing Address
- Contact person's email for billing