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Our Terminal

The first phase of APM Terminals Lazaro Cardenas opened in 2017 as part of a USD $900 million investment. It is the first semi-automated and most technological advanced container terminal in Mexico. Following the final phase of development expected between 2027 and 2030, the terminals will have a capacity of 4.1 million TEU.

Located at the deepest port in Mexico, with depths of up to 18m, it is strategically located along the main maritime trade routes of the pacific coast between Asia and America.

Same day custom’s clearance

Lázaro Cárdenas operates the largest customs facility in México with over 60 positions for cargo clearance process. Its customs process is typically two to three days faster than other ports, such as the port of Manzanillo.  Lázaro Cárdenas has the capacity to carry out same day inspections for 100% of all import volumes. Not only is this more efficient, but also results in lower or no additional storage fees. 


APM Terminals Lázaro Cárdenas uses the largest ship-to-shore cranes in Latin América. With a reach of 72 metres, they are suitable for Triple E vessels. Able to lift a 2x40 on tandem mode or 100 tonnes of general cargo, they also offer increased efficiency. The two largest vessels currently serving Asia-México services are able to call at the terminal simultaneously.

  • Consistent high levels of productivity
  • Two dedicated rail mounted gantry resulting in higher than market average rail productivity
  • Fully automated gate
  • Faster Truck Turn Times (TTT) compared to competition - up to 50 minutes (port gate arrival to terminal out)
  • OCR throughout the terminals aids efficiency
  • Capable of structuring a full train within its premises (same day turnaround)
  • Digital platform for online process (container tracking, appointments etc)

Efficient on-dock rail facility

APM Terminals Lázaro Cárdenas offers the fastest on-dock intermodal rail access with highly secured daily unit trains to Mexico City, which can save up to 5 days compared to other ports. The terminal’s strategic location also offers potential for cross-border rail to the USA through Kansas City Southern Mexico. The rail connection also provides a direct gateway to our inland depot close to Mexico City, which has more than 250 distribution centres, reaching 20 million customers within a 20km radius.

APM Terminals Lázaro Cárdenas facility has the capacity to build 3 kilometres of track within the terminal. The terminal operates an automated yard and gate providing high and reliable productivity levels and security standards. Learn more about rail services


✔ Berths: 2 x 750m (no draft or bridge restrictions)
✔ Area: 49 ha
✔ Capacity (TEU): 1.2 million
✔ Reefer connections: 342
✔ Max depth: 16.5m
✔ On-dock rail track: 3,500m
✔ StS Cranes (suitable for Triple E): 7
✔ Gate lanes: 10

APM Lazaro Cardenas Company Brochure