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Update on IT Issues: A fix is currently being implemented and we hope to start operations by 2am. All Hoot appointment will now be back to a good status and drivers can continue to the facility. Any drivers that were not able to complete their Thursday July 17 appointments, please contact our import group Tel: +1 (310) 221-4496 or Email:  to secure a new appointment to have demurrage waiver for these containers. To receive future operational alerts by email or SMS please subscribe to Terminal Alerts.

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Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles

In July 2024, APM Terminals commenced its sponsorship of the Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles (MMCC), a leading non-profit dedicated to marine conservation along the Los Angeles County coastline. This collaboration underscores APM Terminal’s commitment to protecting ocean health and biodiversity by underwriting MMCC’s South Bay Rescue and Response program for the next year. 


Girls Inc. LA Girls Rise 2024

Colleagues from APM Terminals Los Angeles joined an evening to support Girls Inc Los Angeles, a foundation that serves girls (including youth identifying as female), 5-18 years old, living in under-resourced LA neighborhoods, facing intersecting systemic inequities that limit the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.


Los Angeles PRIDE Parade 2024



Go Green 2024

At APM Terminals, as part of our annual Go Green Global Campaign, we work together with our partners to promote lifestyles that work in harmony with our environment and its natural resources. This creates sustainable benefits for society and the environment, and generates value in our community.


Global Safety Day

Every year APM Terminals runs a safety day for friends, families and customers at all of it’s terminals around the world. In 2023, our Global Safety Day celebration focussed on making sure anyone visiting our terminal feels 'safe to speak up'. Everyone needs to feel confident to talk about and integrate prevention issues in our activities. We aren’t leaving talking and sharing about safety to chance depending on the circumstances.