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Effective July 22nd 2024, we will be expanding our appointment windows to better serve our customers!  The transition into 30 minute slots will allow you to choose the best time suitable for your complex schedules. You will find a breakdown of the appointment windows on our Truck Appointment page. To receive future operational alerts by email or SMS please subscribe to Terminal Alerts.

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Our Terminal

APM Terminals Los Angeles opened Pier 400 in August 2002. Today it is the largest container port terminal in the Western Hemisphere, featuring 507 acres of world-class infrastructure and 19 Super Post-Panamax ship-to-shore (STS) cranes.

Strategically located in Southern California, Pier 400 provides both a logistical and undisrupted advantage for shipping lines, BCO’s, freight forwarders and the trucking community. Our ocean carrier customers often benefit from our sufficient capacity and do not have to wait for berth or crane availability when their ships arrive with unexpected delays, i.e. due to Asian port congestion or bad weather.

Most Preferred By Vessel Captains

Located in the center of the port complex, APM Terminals Pier 400 offers the fastest and easiest access from/to the terminal for vessels in a most efficient cost structure. It is one of the terminals most preferred by vessel captains. 

World-Class Rail Velocity

APM Terminals Los Angeles is the only terminal with seamless access to all three major highways for truckers and direct on-dock rail connection to the Alameda Corridor for on-dock rail trains. The 65-acre on-dock rail has 12 working tracks, plus six storage tracks are capable of handling 1,100 TEUs simultaneously. Average eastbound dwell time is less than two days versus six-seven days at surrounding terminals or off-dock drayage to remote rail locations due to the limited on-dock rail capacities at their network terminals.

By moving containers bound for inland destinations directly at the on-dock rail facility and through the Alameda corridor, over 1,000 truck moves per day are eliminated, resulting in reduced traffic congestion and improved air quality.

Accelerated Cargo Handling

Truck turnaround times averaged less than 60 minutes in February in 2018, putting APM Terminals Los Angeles in the top-three ranking in the Port of Los Angeles. For truckers with a ‘dual transaction’, meaning to bring a container (either returning an empty or dropping an export load) and picking up a container (either an import or or an empty for export load) in one trip, it would take 80 minutes or less to complete both transactions consistently throughout the year.

  • About 75% of total transactions are less than 60 minutes within the terminal.
  • About 80% of import appointments are kept by trucking companies offering sustainable and reliable import delivery program.

Reliable Vessel Operations

Track record of the highest BMPH (200+) for ‘mega ships’ of 17,000 / 18,000 TEUs and consistent vessel productivity (30 plus GMPH). This means that the Terminal is the highest ranked in the Port of Los Angeles.

With a commitment to continuous growth and adapting to the demands of global economies, APM Terminal’s pioneered the heightening of ten Ship-to-Shore cranes. The tallest cranes in the port can efficiently handle the largest-class ships up to 20,000 TEU capacity, providing clear benefits for customers. 


With the addition of five cranes in 2017, the current complement of 19 STS cranes provides an annual throughput capacity of 4.4 million TEUs (2.4 million vessel lifts). APM Terminal’s superior conveyance structure and reinforced stability from a first-of-its-kind extended labor contract (July 2022), demonstrates that the terminal is prepared for the next phase of modern trade.


✔ 19 STS Cranes - tallest in US
✔ Dedicated berths : 5 (2.2 km)
✔ No water, draft and bridge restrictions
✔ Area: 507 acres
✔ Capacity: 4.4 Million TEU per year
✔ Reefer plugs on dock: 2,200 
✔ 65 Acres of on-dock rail (18 tracks)
✔ 57 gate lanes 
✔ Break-Bulk specialist